Public Fortresss Tours

Public Tours for individuals

 Stairway leading up
to the observation platform

Militiamen of the Swiss Army, some still in active duty and some retired, will introduce you to the secrets of the artillery fortess of Vitznau. Approximately 500 meters of tunnels, gigantic ammunition depots, Fighting stations and supply lines, cannons, a power station, workshops, a field hospital deep in the mountain, a small "hotel", a special exhibition of the 2nd World War and much more, await you.

Fridays 17:00 h
1st Saturday oft he month 14:00 h
Entrance of the fortress 15 minutes before the tour begins
Tickets are available in the Tourism Office in Weggis and Vitznau, or directly at the entrance of the fortress.
CHF 20.—  per person
children 50% discount
A complete tour of the fortress takes 1½ hours.
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