Private Tours, Apéritifs


We offer you three package apéritifs:

 Swiss cheese tarts
Coffee and Croissants
Coffee with cream and one Croissant
(from 10 persons, only until 11 a.m. possible)
CHF 8.—  per person
Small Apéritif (from 10 persons)
(wine, orange juice, mineral water, chips and nuts)
CHF 9.—  per person
Large Apéritif (from 15 persons)
(wine, orange juice, mineral water and Swiss cheese tarts)
CHF 15.—  per person

Private Tours

 Stairway leading up
to the observation platform

Militiamen of the Swiss Army, some still in active duty and some retired, will introduce you to the secrets of the artillery fortess of Vitznau. Approximately 500 meters of tunnels, gigantic ammunition depots, Fighting stations and supply lines, cannons, a power station, workshops, a field hospital deep in the mountain, a small "hotel", a special exhibition of the 2nd World War and much more, await you.

„Fortress including Special Exhibition"
only Fortress
guided tour of the entire fortress including special exhibition approx. 2 hours.
guided tour approx. 1½ hours.
Constant temperature all year round is 12 degrees C. Warm clothes are recommended (catering and provision facilities are heated)
Jackets are available free of charge.
Kiosk with a large choice of military articles and souvenirs
With advance reservation 365 days a year open!
CHF 250.- package
Groups up to 10 persons
CHF 200.- package
CHF 25.- per person
Groups from 11 persons upwards
CHF 20.- per person
50% reduction
Children 6-16 years old
50% reduction
CHF 250.- package
minimum cost per tour
CHF 200.- package
Combine with an Apéritif!
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