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(Steam-) Boat connections from Lucerne or Brunnen, as well as bus connections from Küssnacht and Brunnen to Vitznau. 15 minute Hike from the village (boat, bus and Rigi Railroad Station) to the fortress. The street is asphalted. A shuttle bus service is also available from the station to the fortress if specially required.

Journey with private transporation and coaches

Starting at the village center, between the Catholic Church and the Restaurant Rütli, you drive up 300 m on the road until you reach the parking place after driving past the Wissifluh cable car station. Parking is free of charge here for visitors of the Vitznau fortress. From there onwards, it is a 3 minute walk up to the entrance of the fortress. It is possible to drive directly up to the entrance of the fortess for loading and/or unloading of disabled or handicapped visitors .
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